Over 200 volunteers are needed to help with pre-event set up, food, games, prizes, check-in and clean up after the event.

Hello AfterProm Volunteers!

The night is almost here! Here is some important information to help you know what’s what for AfterProm so that we can help these kids have an amazingly fun, safe night….

  • Attire: Black t-shirt, your choice of “bottom.” (Other sub-committee heads may contact you for other clothing needs, but if they don’t, please show up in a black t-shirt. Closed-toed shoes recommended. Comfort is going to be key here for us oldies!
  • Where to show up: East Boulder Community Center, 5660 Sioux Dr, Boulder.
  • Where to go once you’re there: Enter through the student entrance, to the right of the main doors (the “Age Well” side). Don’t wait in line… Come right to the front of the line. Once inside, come to the Volunteer Room: First door on your left, after the entry-lounge area.
  • What to do:
    • Check in at the volunteer table, so we know you’re here. We’ll check your name off the list.
    • Get your “volunteer” lanyard, so you look festive and official.
    • Grab some coffee and/or snacks. Feel free to take something with you to your station.
    • Be directed to your station. We’ll show you a map of where to go, and you’ll check in with your room supervisor (if you have one) once you’re there.
    • ASK QUESTIONS! We’ve tried, but we can’t think of everything. If you’re wondering something, please ask someone and we’ll do our best to help with/answer/solve it.
    • HAVE FUN! We want kids to have a great time and stay late if they’re inclined. This is a safe spot for them to hang out, socialize, sober up, or whatever they need to do before going safely home. Let’s keep them engaged! We adults know how to keep the balance between fun and responsibility, so let’s give these kids the best night possible.
  • Please:
    • Be on time for your shift and stay through the end of your shift. If you’re inclined to stay later, please do! The more help we can get, the better! (Many hands at the end of the night will help clean up go so much more quickly!)
    • Arrive sober. Probably doesn’t need to be said, but hey, it’s late at night and we don’t know what your plans are for that evening… We need you on your A-game.
    • Be patient… there are a lot of variables in this event and we’re all volunteers who have worked long hours for months at this and other jobs. This is a team effort, and we’re thrilled to have so many people helping out.
    • Take notes and give us feedback! We want to improve from year to year, and your “boots on the ground” view is the most accurate input we can get.
    • When you’re ready to leave your shift, please consider checking in at the “Parent RideShare Table” to offer to drive kids home on your way. The more rides we give, the fewer kids on the street late at night.
  • Questions you might have…
    • What if I need a break? Talk to your room supervisor or an AfterProm official. (We’re the ones in the volunteer room or walking around with walkie-talkies.) Have them either sub in for you, rotate someone to your position, or radio the volunteer room to send relief for you.
    • What should I expect from a whole ton of high schoolers? Well, your guess is as good as ours! In year’s past, though, we’ve been so amazed by how gracious and appreciative the kids were. Expect the best, but we’re all human…
    • What if a kid looks like they need medical (or other) help? We have a Health Room, staffed with a (volunteer) nurse at the end of the volunteer hallway. Please help them get there.
    • What if a kid wants to arrange a ride home? Please direct them to the Parent RideShare table. They will help get that kid where they need to go.
    • What if I suspect that a kid has brought substances into AfterProm? We can’t control what kids do before they arrive, but we can’t have substances in the event. Please contact your room supervisor or the volunteer room and we’ll contact an AfterProm executive or security. We don’t want you to feel like you need to confront a kid or have a negative interaction with anyone.
    • What if a kid is causing trouble? They’re human kids and sometimes they aren’t their best selves. We want to make sure that we’re all respectful of each other and of the facility, not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because we want to be invited back! Please contact your room supervisor or the volunteer room and we’ll contact an AfterProm executive or security. We don’t want you to feel like you need to confront a kid or have a negative interaction with anyone.
    • What if I lose this email? Never fear! We’ll post all of this info on the FHS/BHS AfterProm website so you can find it any time.

Lastly, we still have volunteer spots that need to be covered! PLEASE reach out to ALL of your people and encourage them to join you/us! The more, the merrier! (And we really do need the help!)

Thank you so much for pitching in to create an exceptional, memorable night for our BHS/FHS Seniors and Juniors. This is truly a community effort, and we so appreciate you giving your time and energy to it!

Please reach out with any questions or concerns or if we’ve forgotten anything. We want you to have a great night too!

Text is probably your fastest, best bet: 303-862-2688 (Katherine)

Katherine Hunter and Allie Sherry
Volunteer Coordinators, After Prom